Windows Live Mail beta – Preview

Dear all,

Gone are the days where the storage of emails was a problem. Many Free e-mail service providers such as Yahoo (Giving 1 GB of Email space), GMail (>2 GB of Email space) and Hotmail (250 MB of email space) and lot more.

Now a days the domain registration cost and web space cost is also plunging down very fastly. People who put their content on the web are rapidly increasing. Yahoo and MSN messengers have a stiff competition in messengers while Google has also joined in. Skype of course has also joined the race providing more voice features (now includes Video in Beta).

Microsoft’s MSN has been quiet for a while, where yahoo and Gmail are flying in providing email space and services. Its time for Microsoft to Bang in again. The power of microsoft is it can make the product so easy so that it can reach to the end users very fast. Now they have come with new solution called WINDOWS LIVE. go to Windows will now offer additional e-mail service apart from hotmail service called as WindowsLive Mail; go to or to see all live services go to, click on sign up for windows live mail beta. The invitation will be sent to your hotmail account. The sign up is currently for persons having United States as country in their personal profile.

Features of windows live mail beta:

• Previews of your messages you can read without leaving your inbox
• Drag-and-drop organization
• One-click control over junk and scam e-mails
• Right-click power—reply, delete, and forward
• 2 GB of storage (2 GB = 2,000,000,000 bytes)

Whenever microsoft comes up, it comes up very strong. The windows Mail Live Beta is really cool. Sign up and enjoy.

To wrap up.. there is one more service from Microsoft which is on the way.. OFFICE ONLINE. It is expected to launch in Jan 2006..



One thought on “Windows Live Mail beta – Preview

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